Shred Standard Website

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Our templated websites are a great option for your business, all of the development time has been done, we know they are secure, reliable and easy to update so instead of paying a design agency to code up boring stuff you’re paying us to do what we do best, actual design.

Our sites can scale up as your business grows, you can expand into e-commerce or embed business systems, it’s a site for the future. It also means you’re not tied to us, any design agency can sort your site in the future, we’d much rather you come to us but it’s not your only option.

This is a far better option than Square Space, Wix or getting Yell to build your site because of course you don’t have to spend hours building it yourself, but it’s transferable, it’s your site.

You own the site at the end of the build. Your only onward costs are your hosting. We also offer a service plan to help you manage the site but this is optional. 

Our Standard Site build is the site that most of our clients require, here's some examples, your site won't be exactly like these but you'll get the idea in terms of content and functionality. 

Orchard Dental Care 

Be Unique Fitness


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