Shred + Shopify

We've been building Shopify sites for the past few years and we now have many clients using this platform to sell online. 

Why Shopify?

Well in the first instance whilst it's probably not the best design tool we've ever used it is by far the best selling platform we have ever used. The combination of a very simple content management system (cms) and added features like the Shopify app put it leagues ahead of its competitors for a relatively low monthly fee. 

How does the design work?

Shopify is essentially a templated site system, you can access a heap of templates that are either free or paid for - you can do this yourself, or you can pay us to do this. We charge from £1500 to build a Shopify site, this includes a premium template (around £150) and the design work required to get the site looking decent. We also set up all the payment gateways, sort the SEO and connect up domain names. This service is really popular, the price is reasonable. 

You don't have to pay us and if you're just starting out and have a tight budget then we'd probably suggest having a crack at doing it yourself, use the link below to set up your first Shopify store, we get a kick back from Shopify which helps us do what we do and we'll thank you by offering a free 30 minute web chat to answer any questions. 

Create your own Shopify Site! 


You don't want to do it yourself?

That's absolutely not a problem. Call, email or drop us a message and we'll arrange a web chat or meeting to get your project started.