Retail POS

For us it all began with Vend. We’ve been using Vend in our own retail environments for over three years and we love it. Naturally, this led us to approach Vend with a view to helping to sell this product. We love it because not only is it really simple to use but it also contains powerful reporting tools and stock management. It integrates with some other amazing cloud-based products such as Shopify, Deputy and Xero accounting, helping to reduce data entry time.

Probably best of all is the setup cost, it’s minimal. Vend can run off your existing PC or Mac, if you want to take it to the next level you can invest in an iPad. If you want to set up a neat counter top EPOS solution then you can buy one some of our cool hardware solutions, including the Star mPop cash drawer and receipt printer. It’s expandable too, want to add another till? Just buy an extra iPad.

We'll help you set up your Vend system, we’ll configure everything and give you training. We’ll help get your stock online and set up integrations. We’ll make it quick and easy and with one of our low-cost support packages we’ll be on hand if you need any technical support.