Applying for work experience and internships

As you can imagine we get tons of requests for placements at Shred, we try to reply to all of these but it's not always possible. Some have been successful so we had a look at how and wrote this handy guide which can use on us, or most other agencies. 

There's two opportunities here at Shred Creative

Work Experience placements

You're here to soak up the atmosphere, help our team with some projects and get a feel for what happens here. We're not really teaching you much other than whether this could be the career for you. These placements are usually for a week. We'll theoretically take anyone from age 15 to 50 but in reality it's usually 15-18. 

Interns / Guest Designers

Interns make up a part of our day to day workforce so we rely on them as much as they rely on us to give them a lift up into the world. We pay our interns, we don't have them cleaning the bog, they do design from day one. We expect them to be able to do something productive from the start, our intern's day is 9am - 2pm they work hard and push the creativity. At the end of an internship here you should have some money in the bank an a glowing letter of recommendation to take into the rest of your life, along with some extra pieces in your portfolio. Our internships are a minimum of 3 months, maximum of 6 months. Previous interns we've begged to stay and they've had better offers, that's how this works. 

Here's how you get a chance:

Point 1 - Treat us nice! 

Show you have actually been onto our website and found out about us, a generic ‘send to all’ email isn’t going to work. 

Point 2 - Tell us what we need to know

Grades and education are important but we don't care you have a GCSE in General Studies, we need to know the basics like where you studied or are studying and any commercial experience already. We don’t want your life story but some insights into the type of person you are is all we need, what floats your boat, what you'd like to get out of a placement. 

Point 3 - Show us what you've got

Show us some work, don’t send your first email asking us to reply if we want to see some work, we are busy so you have more chance if you send us work in the first instance. A link to a website or a compressed low file size pdf is fine. Check this before you send it to us, spelling mistakes, broken links or errors are a no. 

Point 4 - Show us you are actually interested

Tell us about our work and why you like it, which projects do you like and why? If you can mention some that aren’t on our website then you get bonus points.

Send your email to