Applying for work experience and internships

As you can imagine we get tons of requests for placements at Shred, so we have written this handy guide on how to get a foot in the door or at least a reply.

First off well done for finding this piece of info, it leads nicely into point one.

Point 1

Show you have actually been onto our website and found out about us, a generic ‘send to all’ email isn’t going to work and doesn’t even warrant a reply in our books, it’s lazy, and shows you don’t really care where you work.

Point 2

Tell us more about yourself than you are a student studying at blah,blah blah, we don’t really care, we want to know about you personally. Grades and education don’t mean anything to us. We don’t want your life story but some insights into the type of person you are is all we need, what floats your boat, who’s your favourite Smurf, the usual stuff. Remember you need to stand out from the 30 or so emails we get every week. Almost 99% of these are generic dribble, which frankly is just boring.

Point 3

Show us some work, don’t send your first email asking us to reply if we want to see some work, we are busy so you have more chance if you send us work in the first instance. A link to a website or a compressed low file size pdf is fine

Point 4

Tell us about our work and why you like it, which projects do you like and why? if you can mention some that aren’t on our website then you get bonus points.

Point 5

Don’t tell all your friends you found this page and this is the only way to get a reply, we want people with an eye for detail so if you have taken the time to actually look through our site then you already have an advantage. 

Send your email to with the subject header: I’m awesome and want a job please, I’m better than everyone else.