Client Name: Bailey Partnership

Location: Devon & Kent

Client since: 2016

Bailey Partnership have a great business; architects and engineers, surveyors and interior designers work together to offer a holistic approach to construction. They take on some amazing projects from residential extensions to space stations. 

Bailey Partnership came to us in the way that many of our clients come to us, with a referral. We were both working on the same project and realised that there was a little extra business for us to do - but this time together. 

From that spawned a fairly complex branding project that seems relatively simple on the surface but needed not only a fair bit of thought and understanding but also patience and understanding. With many different stakeholders, departments and applications the variables were many.

The finished branding looked great, not a million miles away from the old brand but the next step, an evolution which for us is actually more challenging and ultimately more rewarding than starting from scratch. 

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