Shopify Standard Site

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Shopify is an amazing e-commerce solution. It has been around a few years now and we have to admit we're massive fans. The stigma of using pre-packaged web solutions instead of having your own commerce site custom built has long since passed. To build, and host, a site with the same functionality, security and tools as a Shopify site would cost hundreds of thousands. 

As with our standard non commerce sites using Shopify is a great way to make sure you're only paying the design agency to do what we do best - plan your project and design it. It also means you’re not tied to us, any design agency can sort your site in the future, we’d much rather you come to us but it’s not your only option. It's really easy to use, we'll show you how to use it before you go live. 

You own the site at the end, the only onward cost is your monthly fee to Shopify which can be as little as £29 a month and for many of our clients this is all they pay. Shopify also includes its own payment gateway, it's actually really good and you pay a percentage that's pretty similar to a normal card processing fee. 

We also have a servicing option to help you keep on top of your site. We include this for the first 12 months and we'll do minor updates and help with any support questions via email. 

About Shopify Site Two

This is the more complex of our Shopify site options, there's no definitive look but usually to work their best they look a bit like this, fully expandable the price includes all of the graphic elements to get the site operational (home page sliders and collection images), we also set up the site structure and payment gateways. It's a case of going from nothing to a fully operational site that can take money, this site may also have integrations to Xero accounting software or Vend ePos systems. 

Take a look at each of our demo websites. If you’d like to book a 30minute chat to look at your requirements then give us a call on 01752 927666 or email us on

Here's an actual Shopify Site Two running and making sales!